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We are in the midst of a full scale war on free thought and free choice of association. The demands of the LGBT activists and Obama to mandate full transgender access to the bathing/toilet/shower/changing room of their choice, despite the privacy violations to others is just the foot in the door. Cultural radicals in this country will settle for nothing less than letting gays and sexual deviants run roughshod over everyone else’s rights and muzzle all opposing voices under penalty of evil law. Donald Trump is no champion of Western, Christian culture or the principles of law, but because he is not completely controlled by the establishment, they are scared to death of his becoming president. Nothing is more telling than his list presented this week of potential Supreme Court nominees—all conservative and labeled as “anti-gay” and “anti-women’s (false) right to an abortion.” You can request a one-time free sample of the briefs by sending an email to


  • House Rejects Women Draft Proposal
  • How Does Clinton Earn $6.4 Million?
  • Bogus Claims over ICE Agent Suicide
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Venezuela Readies for 'State of Internal Commotion' Ahead of Civilian Unrest

posted by askousen - Friday, May 20 2016
As opposition to Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro intensifies, the country is now preparing for the biggest military exercises in its history this Saturday – an opportunity to flex its military muscle ahead of possible violent street protests spurred by civilian unrest. Maduro, who is facing a recall referendum, has warned that he may declare a "state of internal commotion" if a coup occurs, according to the Latin America Herald Tribune. The state of internal commotion would allow the government to bypass normal legislative procedures in order to impose stricter security measures. — ABC News

Donald Trump goes after Hillary Clinton on guns

posted by askousen - Friday, May 20 2016
..."We're not going to let that happen," Trump said. "We're going to preserve it, we're going to cherish it." Clinton, who swiftly rebutted Trump's remarks, has called for universal background checks and stricter controls on firearms, but has never called for the abolition of the 2nd Amendment. In fact, on her website, she calls gun ownership "part of the fabric of many law-abiding communities." [Trump's right she would do all she could to undermine gun rights.] — CNN

Okla. governor vetoes bill to make performing abortions a felony

posted by askousen - Friday, May 20 2016
Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin on Friday vetoed a bill that would ban virtually all abortions in her state, in a surprising move. The strongly anti-abortion governor, who has been floated as a possible running mate for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, announced Friday afternoon that she would reject the bill because it was "vague and would not withstand a criminal constitutional legal challenge." ...Fallin had remained mum about the bill since Thursday, when it was approved by a party-line vote in the Oklahoma Senate. She had until next Wednesday to sign or veto the bill. [Why did she remain silent about the problems with the bill if she favors this kind of legislation? She should have voiced her reservations early enough to get the bill written right.] — The Hill

Russia urges joint strikes on Syria rebels but U.S. reacts coolly

posted by askousen - Friday, May 20 2016
Russia has proposed to the U.S.-led coalition that they stage joint air strikes on Syrian rebels, including militant Islamist group Nusra Front, who are not observing a ceasefire, but the United States responded coolly on Friday. — Reuters

Tran-Speak, Exclusion, no Science: How Obama's Pro-Transgender Rules Impact K-12 Teenagers

posted by askousen - Friday, May 20 2016
President Barack Obama's aggressive new federal transgender rules require 55 million K-12 kids and teachers to speak in a new government-approved dialect, to ignore what science says about sex, and to comply with privacy-violating orders whenever even one teen in their school claims to have a "gender identity" problem. — Breitbart

House Lawmakers Strike Amendment Requiring Women to Register for Draft

posted by askousen - Friday, May 20 2016
The House Rules Committee on Monday struck an amendment to an annual defense bill that would have required women to register for the military draft. — Washington Free Beacon

APD Gets Approval to Manufacture Crack Cocaine for Buy-Bust Operation

posted by askousen - Wednesday, May 18 2016
An affidavit obtained by Burque Media from a confidential source spells out plans by the Albuquerque Police Department to go after low-level drug users in a reverse buy-bust operation. In a reverse buy-bust, undercover agents sell drugs to citizens, and then arrest them for possession. Part of that operation involves APD manufacturing crack cocaine from powdered cocaine. Section 10 of the 12-section "Affidavit and Motion to Release Evidence," dated February 25, 2016, states: "Powdered cocaine may be taken to APD's Criminalistics Unit to be made into crack cocaine." — Burque Media

Trump identifies 11 potential Supreme Court nominees

posted by askousen - Wednesday, May 18 2016
...Trump's list includes: Steven Colloton of Iowa, Allison Eid of Colorado, Raymond Gruender of Missouri, Thomas Hardiman of Pennsylvania, Raymond Kethledge of Michigan, Joan Larsen of Michigan, Thomas Lee of Utah, William Pryor of Alabama, David Stras of Minnesota, Diane Sykes of Wisconsin and Don Willett of Texas. [Who we need is Judge Andrew Napolitano] — Reuters

'Career killer': Obama's new overtime expansion under fire

posted by askousen - Wednesday, May 18 2016
[Salaried workers paid less than $47,500 must now be compensated time and a half for overtime.]...Business groups say the changes will increase paperwork and scheduling burdens for small companies. The NRF's David French said hundreds of thousands of workers in the retail sector alone will lose salaried-employee status. "These regulations are full of false promises. Most of the people impacted by this change will not see any additional pay. Instead, this sudden and extraordinary increase will mean more red tape and fewer advancement opportunities for salaried professionals," he said — Fox News

Bernie Sanders, Democratic establishment battle boils over

posted by askousen - Wednesday, May 18 2016
With the Democratic presidential primary in its twilight, frustration within the ranks over the party's handling of the primary process spilled out this week as Bernie Sanders supporters lashed out at party leaders, arguing that their candidate has been treated unfairly. The public outpouring of anger began last weekend at the Nevada Democratic Party convention, where Sanders supporters who said Hillary Clinton's backers had subverted party rules shouted down pro-Clinton speakers and sent threatening messages to state party Chairwoman Roberta Lange after posting her phone number and address on social media. — CNN

Trump comes to financial rescue for Christie, NJ GOP

posted by askousen - Wednesday, May 18 2016
Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is helping dig former rival Chris Christie and the New Jersey Republican Party out of big debt they incurred from the George Washington Bridge scandal and the governor's presidential campaign. — Washington Post

Christie Disliked More Than Corzine Amid Budget Gap, Bridge Jam

posted by askousen - Wednesday, May 18 2016
...The first Republican elected governor of Democratic-leaning New Jersey in 12 years, Christie lost favor after a traffic scandal and a year spent largely running for president. Since ending that bid, he has focused on state issues, as well as getting Donald Trump elected. With 20 months left in his term, he faces a wide variety of troubles [including budget shortfall, failure to revive Atlantic City, and the bridge traffic scandal]. — Bloomberg

Mitt Romney ends recruiting efforts for an independent candidate

posted by askousen - Wednesday, May 18 2016
Mitt Romney won't launch a third-party presidential campaign of his own and has stopped trying to recruit somebody else to do it. The 2012 Republican nominee had attempted to recruit a challenger to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. But prospects like Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse said no, and Romney is now dropping his efforts, a source familiar with Romney's thinking told CNN. The news was first reported by Yahoo News. — CNN

Newt Gingrich: Globalist "Conservative" as Trump VP?

posted by askousen - Tuesday, May 17 2016
A more reliable (and honest) analyst would point out that Gingrich is considered toxic by a significant number of genuine and informed conservative Republicans because they remember he was the "chief strategist" for the "Republican Revolution" that ratified much of President Bill Clinton's Big Government revolution, in particular NAFTA, the World Trade Organization (WTO), and illegal alien amnesty. Gingrich and his liberal-left, internationalist supporters, however, know that most voters will not remember Gingrich's record, but will be mesmerized by his rhetoric. The always glib and glabrous Gingrich has reinvented himself more often than rock diva Madonna and more radically than Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. He moves back and forth with seamless ease across the political spectrum and across bipartisan lines, denouncing liberal Democrats on the one hand (to the glee of conservative Republicans) while simultaneously on the other hand working with Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Howard Dean, and others of the same ilk, helping promote their Big Government agendas. — The New American

More than 30 states offer online voting, but experts warn it isn't secure

posted by askousen - Tuesday, May 17 2016
The popularity of voting online is growing and will be in place for the presidential election in more than 30 states, primarily for voters living overseas or serving in the military. But security experts and some senior Obama administration officials fear there is not enough protection for any ballots transmitted over the Internet. They are warning states that any kind of online voting is not yet secure and most likely will not be for years to come. — Washington Post

White House cites executive privilege, keeps Obama adviser from testifying about Iran nuclear deal

posted by askousen - Tuesday, May 17 2016
Sen. Tom Cotton accepted the challenge, but President Obama's speechwriter and high-ranking foreign policy adviser Ben Rhodes ducked out of a hearing Tuesday where he was to explain whether he misled the country in pushing the Iran nuclear deal. Members of Congress had been eager to prod Mr. Rhodes over misrepresentations, but the White House had seemed skeptical, saying lawmakers should poke one of their own, Mr. Cotton, an Arkansas Republican that Mr. Obama's aides say has been misleading. — Washington Times

Model featured in Trump 'hit piece' slams NY Times, says her story was 'spun'

posted by askousen - Tuesday, May 17 2016
A former model who was featured at the center of a lengthy New York Times report that assailed Donald Trump's treatment of women said Monday that her account was taken out of context, misquoted and "spun" by the Times in order to portray the Republican presidential candidate in a negative light. [Where are the investigative reporters on Bill Clinton's philanderings and mistreatment of women?] — Fox News

Oregon, Kentucky primary live updates, results: Bernie Sanders aims for another Tuesday surprise

posted by askousen - Tuesday, May 17 2016
...Which brings us to the primaries in Oregon and Kentucky, which take place today -- usually too late to garner much attention from the candidates or the national press. This year, both the former and the latter are paying attention. Oregon would appear to be the perfect place for Sanders' broadsides against income inequality and the "rigged" economic system. Portland certainly is, but the whole state isn't as progressive as its most populous city. A poll released least week by DHM Research showed Clinton with a 15-point advantage in Oregon. This has led Sanders to try to pump up turnout in the state. — The Oregonian

Supreme Court dodges major decision on Obamacare birth control

posted by askousen - Tuesday, May 17 2016
The ideologically deadlocked Supreme Court on Monday failed to resolve a major case involving the Obamacare law's mandatory birth control coverage, telling lower courts to reconsider the matter after tossing out their rulings favoring President Barack Obama. With four conservative justices and four liberals, the court did not rule on the merits of the legal challenge by nonprofit Christian employers who objected to the 2010 healthcare law's requirement that they provide female workers with medical insurance paying for contraceptives. — Reuters

GM crops are neither 'a panacea' nor 'monsters' but are 'pretty much just crops', expert says

posted by askousen - Tuesday, May 17 2016
A major review of genetically modified crops by scientists in the United States has tentatively concluded that they pose no risk to human health. However, in their 388-page report, three US National Academies – of the Sciences, Engineering and Medicine – cautioned that any new kind of food "may have some subtle favourable or adverse health effects that are not detected even with careful scrutiny". ["Studies" can be manipulated so much by how and what they consider and compare. Although the effects of the actual genetic mutation may be hard to track and see, the effect of the spray residues on herbicide-resistant crops is a big problem, which is a corollary to GM crops, though probably not considered in this study. By careful omission of the most dangerous aspects these "scientists" can trumpet the claim that GM crops are safe and should be allowed in the EU.] — UK Independent

IOC: 31 test positive for doping in retests of 2008 Beijing samples

posted by askousen - Tuesday, May 17 2016
In a major doping crackdown stretching back eight years, 31 athletes in six sports could be barred from competing in this year's Olympics after they were caught in retesting of drug samples from the 2008 Beijing Games, and other positive cases could emerge from the 2012 London Games. — ESPN

N4T Investigators: Border Patrol union says directive provides open invitation to undocumented immig

posted by askousen - Thursday, May 12 2016
Border Patrol agents' union representatives say a directive from the Department of Homeland Security is providing an open invitation to undocumented immigrants wanting to enter the United States. But Customs and Border Protection said that is not the case and there have been no stand-down directives issued. According to National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd, the directive said Border Patrol agents should not issue a notice to appear at deportation hearings to undocumented immigrants who tell agents they have been in the country since January 2014, even if they cannot provide proof. Another directive issued in November states that an undocumented immigrant's removal will hinge on the judgment of an immigration officer. "[If] the alien is not a threat to the integrity of the immigration system or there are factors suggesting the alien should not be an enforcement priority." Agents have dubbed this technique as a 'catch and release'. — News 4 Tucson

Ranch Owner Sees Increase of Illegal Crossing Activity in Area

posted by askousen - Thursday, May 12 2016
A landowner living near Rincon said illegal crossing activity has started to pick up in the area. The landowner named Junior asked CHANNEL 5 NEWS not to use his last name. He said he makes it out to his family ranch at least twice a week. He likes to relax, target shoot and enjoy the nighttime scenery there. Junior said sometimes he sees small groups of people walking through the rancher after crossing the Rio Grande River. That changed a few days ago when he saw a big crowd. "When I do see a group, it ranges between five, 10, maybe 15," Junior said. "But 10 days ago, when I saw 30, 40, almost 40, people, I knew something is coming up, it's changing. And it's not changing for the good." — ABC Local

Anti-virus pioneer John McAfee: Your phone may be snooping on you

posted by askousen - Thursday, May 12 2016
McAfee, whose name became synonymous with antivirus protection, says he's no longer as worried about computer security. Now, he says, the danger comes from the camera and microphones we carry everywhere in our pockets, attached to our smartphones. It's a "trivial" matter, he says, for a hacker to remotely and secretly turn on a phone's sensors. Think about that the next time you're having a supposedly private conversation in your office, your phone sitting on the desk, he says. McAfee says he's accustomed to the idea that potentially hundreds of people are listening to every conversation he has, and that his emails are widely snooped upon. — USA Today

U.S. activates Romanian missile defense site, angering Russia

posted by askousen - Thursday, May 12 2016
The United States switched on an $800 million missile shield in Romania on Thursday that it sees as vital to defend itself and Europe from so-called rogue states but the Kremlin says is aimed at blunting its own nuclear arsenal.....The Kremlin says the shield's aim is to neutralize Moscow's nuclear arsenal long enough for the United States to strike Russia in the event of war. Washington and NATO deny that. "Missile defense ... does not undermine or weaken Russia's strategic nuclear deterrent," NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said at the Deveselu base. — Reuters

Every Rape Victim Deserves To Be Heard - Except By Hillary Clinton

posted by askousen - Thursday, May 12 2016
...While we would normally extend our sympathy to his wife, Hillary has forfeited those claims by actively conspiring with him to cover up his sexual assaults and smear the victims, showing absolutely no compunction about destroying women whose stories she knew to be true. — Ann Coulter/The Daily Caller

For Oil Drillers, Obama Methane Rule Is Worse Than Proposed

posted by askousen - Thursday, May 12 2016
The Obama administration, yielding to environmentalists demanding action to address climate change, issued limits on methane emissions from oil and gas wells that are even tougher than those it proposed last year. The final regulations unveiled Thursday will add an estimated $530 million in additional costs per year by 2025, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. That's at least 25 percent higher than the preliminary version released in August, and it comes as low oil prices force the industry to pare spending on new exploration. — Bloomberg

Judge Finds Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Unfit for Trial

posted by askousen - Thursday, May 12 2016
...The ruling by Judge Gilbert A. Martinez found Mr. Dear to be mentally incompetent, and said Mr. Dear suffered from wide-ranging delusions that the federal government had been following and spying on him for years. The judge's ruling largely relied on the reports of two state psychologists who examined Mr. Dear this winter and said they believed he was not competent. — NY Times

Pope Francis: Let’s study possibility of ordaining women deacons

posted by askousen - Thursday, May 12 2016
Pope Francis said he will create a commission to study the possibility of ordaining women as deacons, a step that could for the first time open the ranks of the Catholic Church's all-male clergy to women. — CBS News

Russia to test unstoppable 'Satan 2' stealth nuke capable of wiping out an ENTIRE NATION

posted by askousen - Tuesday, May 10 2016
...The "Satan 2" missile is rumoured to be the most powerful ever designed and is equipped with stealth technology to help it dodge enemy radar systems . This terrifying doomsday weapon is likely to strike fear into the hearts of Western military chiefs, as current missile defence technology is totally incapable of stopping it. — UK Mirror