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The globalists diffused two dangerous situations this week by successfully re-inflating the stock market after its crash on Monday morning and by defusing North Korea’s war blusters this week. The growing crowd of economic collapse predictors were ready to say “I told you so” when the US stock market collapsed 1000 points on Monday, adding to Friday’s big losses, but they had to settle for “it’s still coming” as the Plunge Protection Team induced a reversal of 630 points on Wednesday—and the rally continued into Thursday. This week I’ll discuss what happened and how it relates to the ongoing collapse predictions. In addition I’ll discuss how the globalists didn’t have much to do with defusing the North Korean threat and why it was only partially different from other false war threats of the past in Korea. You can request a one-time free sample of the briefs by sending an email to


  • Trump Keeps Rising Despite Media Attacks
  • Fight for Jury Nullification Comes Alive
  • Debunking AP Propaganda on Iran
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Jeb Bush Silent on Mark Levin's Challenge

posted by askousen - Friday, August 28 2015
...One learns what the problem is that cuts right to the heart of the problem with the Bush candidacy. The former governor has stumbled yet again on another major issue. His inability to explain his Iraq policy, his goof on women's health issues in talking about Planned Parenthood, the business about illegal immigration being 'an act of love' show a persistent bumbling timidity in taking on the issues of the day. It is precisely the problem the base of the GOP sees with its congressional leaders, the latter promising to repeal Obamacare or halt the Obama executive amnesty and more and then, once elected, folding like a cheap suit. — The American Spectator

Russia developing $5 bln aircraft carrier with no world analogs - fleet commander

posted by askousen - Friday, August 28 2015
...Nevskoye Design Bureau Head Sergei Vlasov told Tass news agency the promising aircraft carrier might cost from $1.8 billion to $5.63 billion at the current ruble/dollar exchange rate. Its development will take about ten years. However, there are no technical specifications for a ship of this class so far, Vlasov said. — Tass

U.S. court hands win to NSA over metadata collection challenge

posted by askousen - Friday, August 28 2015
A U.S. appeals court on Friday threw out a judge's ruling that would have blocked the National Security Agency from collecting phone metadata under a controversial program that has raised privacy concerns...."Although one could reasonably infer from the evidence presented the government collected plaintiffs' own metadata, one could also conclude the opposite," wrote Judge Janice Rogers Brown. As such, the plaintiffs "fall short of meeting the higher burden of proof required for a preliminary injunction," she added. [How can prove it if the gov't can't be made to release its records?] — Reuters

German Authorities Brace for Protests at Refugee Shelter

posted by askousen - Friday, August 28 2015
German authorities are bracing for possible far-right violence in the eastern state of Saxony at the weekend, with Chancellor Angela Merkel promising federal support for local police, after a court on Friday nixed a blanket ban on public assembly in the town of Heidenau. Local authorities had imposed the ban to prevent a repeat of the neo-Nazi riots seen outside a refugee shelter last weekend, in which dozens of police officers were injured. [Europeans are fed up at being overwhelmed with immigrant refugees] — NY Times

China stocks surge amid suspected government buying

posted by askousen - Friday, August 28 2015
Chinese stocks surged for two straight trading days amid suspected government buying, but plunges Monday and Tuesday left the market down nearly 8% for the week. China's domestic market became the epicenter of a global selloff, with a five-session crash starting last Thursday triggering steep losses in U.S. and European stocks. Rumors of Beijing's hand in the market reversed the selling by Thursday, which helped support global shares prices, commodities, and currencies of emerging markets that had been battered. — MarketWatch

Venezuela's Food Shortages Trigger Long Lines, Hunger and Looting

posted by askousen - Wednesday, August 26 2015
...Food-supply problems in Venezuela underscore the increasingly precarious situation for Mr. Maduro's socialist government, which according to the latest poll by Datanálisis is preferred by less than 20% of voters ahead of Dec. 6 parliamentary elections. The critical situation threatens to plunge South America's largest oil exporter into a wave of civil unrest reminiscent of last year’s nationwide demonstrations seeking Mr. Maduro's ouster. — WSJ

IRS Getting Pressured To Crack Down On Televangelists Following John Oliver's Segment

posted by askousen - Wednesday, August 26 2015
...Anthony explained to CBS News that televangelists are able to receive millions because the IRS has turned a "blind eye" to their tax-exempt churches. "A few years ago, the IRS named Scientology a church. Since that happened, anybody can call themselves a church," Anthony said. CBS News reports the IRS only conducted three church audits from 2013 to 2014 after suspending them completely from 2009 to 2013. "You are always going to find abuses and excesses in the non-profit community, and even in the church world," Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Erik Stanley told CBS News. He added, "There is no surer way to destroy that free exercise of religion than to begin to tax it." — CBS Local

Mormons Keep Affiliation With Boy Scouts Despite Gay Leaders

posted by askousen - Wednesday, August 26 2015
...Church leaders decided to stay with the Boy Scouts after getting assurances they can appoint troop leaders according to their own religious and moral values, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said in a news release Wednesday. [Exemptions like this are first things to get cut down in courts — ABC News

75% of Obamacare plans in California use narrow networks, study shows

posted by askousen - Wednesday, August 26 2015
...Nationwide, 41% of networks were labeled narrow, meaning they included 25% or less of the physicians in a rating area. Twelve states had no narrow network plans in their individual market, including Oregon, Connecticut and Missouri. The researchers studied more than 1,000 Silver plans sold in exchanges nationwide. To hold down premiums under the health law, big insurers such as Anthem Inc. and Blue Shield of California cut the number of doctors and hospitals available to patients. — LA Times

Why you'll be paying a 'Netflix tax' soon

posted by askousen - Wednesday, August 26 2015
They're calling it a 'Cloud Tax,' but it is sounding more to consumers like a Netflix tax. As more consumers turn to streaming video on services like Netflix (NFLX) and Hulu, and music on Spotify, states are looking to fill the taxes lost on the sale of tangible media goods. — Yahoo News

9/11 Survivor Captured In Iconic Photo Dies Of Cancer

posted by askousen - Wednesday, August 26 2015
...In an interview with the Jersey Journal last fall, Borders speculated that her cancer was related to the attacks. "I'm saying to myself, 'Did this thing ignite cancer cells in me?'" she said. "I definitely believe it because I haven't had any illnesses. I don't have high blood pressure ... high cholesterol, diabetes. ... How do you go from being healthy to waking up the next day with cancer?" The number of cancer cases linked to Sept. 11 has grown in recent years. As of May 2015, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported more than 4,000 first responders, rescue workers and survivors who have been diagnosed with cancer linked to the attacks. — Huffington Post

As Donald Trump and Jorge Ramos Clash, Latino News Media Airs Its Offense

posted by askousen - Wednesday, August 26 2015
...About 58 percent of all mentions of Mr. Trump in mainstream news media - broadcast, cable, radio and online outlets - in the past month have focused on immigration, while on Spanish-language news programs, the proportion is almost 80 percent, according to an analysis by Two.42.Solutions, a nonpartisan media analytics company. The Spanish-language news media has also been more critical in its coverage of Mr. Trump's positions on the issue, with nearly all of it negative in tone. — NY Times

Fiorina to GOP: Get me in debate

posted by askousen - Wednesday, August 26 2015
...Fiorina missed the cut for the first Fox News debate, in August, but has risen in the polls after delivering a strong performance in the "undercard" event held for candidates outside the top 10. While Fox relied on an average of five recent polls to determine who qualified for the main debate, CNN plans to tabulate its top 10 rankings with an average of major polls from July 16 through Sept. 10. That includes nine polls from before the Fox debate, where Fiorina polled at between 0 and 2 percent. She's hit 5 percent in each of the two major national polls since the then. — The Hill

The Very Real Economic Costs of Birthright Citizenship

posted by askousen - Tuesday, August 25 2015
...between 350,000 and 400,000 children are born annually to an illegal-alien mother residing in the United States - as many as one in ten births nationwide. As of 2010, four out of five children of illegal aliens residing in the U.S. were born here - some 4 million kids. Reporting that finding, the Pew Research Center noted that, while illegal immigrants make up about 4 percent of the adult population, "because they have high birthrates, their children make up a much larger share of both the newborn population (8 percent) and the child population (7 percent) in this country." The cost of this is not negligible. Inflation-adjusted figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture projected that a child born in 2013 would cost his parents $304,480 from birth to his eighteenth birthday. Given that illegal-alien households are normally low-income households (three out of five illegal aliens and their U.S.-born children live at or near the poverty line), one would expect that a significant portion of that cost will fall on the government. And that's exactly what's happening. According to CIS, 71 percent of illegal-alien headed households with children received some sort of welfare in 2009, compared with 39 percent of native-headed houses with children... — National Review

Germany Joins Scotland in Seeking Ban on Gene-Modified Seeds

posted by askousen - Tuesday, August 25 2015
...Germany is taking advantage of new measures allowing countries to opt out of growing gene-modified crops. Switzerland's Syngenta AG and U.S. rival Monsanto Co. have been among the strongest proponents of the seeds, which are mostly banned in the EU because of what some say are uncertain environmental and health effects. Monsanto maintains the products are safe....There is one genetically modified crop, a variety of corn designed to be pest-resistant, already grown in the EU and eight pending applications for GMO seeds, according to an April statement from the European Commission. — Bloomberg

France train shooting: Attack 'was well prepared'

posted by askousen - Tuesday, August 25 2015
...Mr Molins said El-Khazzani was "known for his radicalism" and had recently travelled to Turkey - "a possible route to Syria". The suspect is said to have denied plotting a terrorist attack, saying he found a bag of weapons the night before and planned to use them to rob passengers. But the prosecutor said El-Khazzani's explanation became less and less clear during questioning before the suspect stopped talking to investigators altogether. — BBC

How carbon credit scheme resulted in even more greenhouse gas emissions

posted by askousen - Tuesday, August 25 2015
A UN-backed carbon offsetting program enriched Russian and Ukrainian companies but made climate change worse, according to a new study. — CSM

New Planned Parenthood Video: Baby Parts Buyer Jokes About Shipping Severed Heads

posted by askousen - Tuesday, August 25 2015
The latest undercover Planned Parenthood video is an interview with Cate Dyer, CEO of an organization called StemExpress that buys aborted baby body parts from Planned Parenthood and sells them to researchers. There are no graphic images in the video, but Dyer's comments about shipping the severed intact "calvarium" or skull of an aborted baby are bonechilling. — The Weekly Standard

Anti-American Sentiment Surges in Russia as [former] US Officer Taunts From Perch at Fox News

posted by askousen - Tuesday, August 25 2015
...Despite all the economizing, the level of anti-Americanism in Russia has reached its all-time high, fluctuating from 70 percent to 73 percent of negative and strongly negative feelings towards the US this year, according to the respected polling institution Levada-Center. The possible explanation—somebody else is doing all the heavy-lifting for the Kremlin propaganda machine, helping it to save millions and outsource the humongous task of proving to the Russians that the West started the final, doomed-from-the-start crusade against Mother Russia. —

Herbicide Use Questioned In Latest Controversy About GMO Food

posted by askousen - Tuesday, August 25 2015
...The paper, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, emphasized two points that warrant the review of existing herbicide regulations to halt threats to human health. The first key factor is the significant increase in the use of herbicides in GMO food and the second point made is the identification of glyphosate, a common herbicide, as a possible human carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO). — Tech Times

Turkey, The New Anti-ISIS Ally, Betrayed US-Backed Syrian Rebels

posted by askousen - Tuesday, August 25 2015
Recent reports claim that Turkey helped Syria's al-Qaida affiliate kidnap members of the rebel unit which the U.S. trained to fight in that country. According to McClatchy News, Turkish intelligence officials provided the intelligence to Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Qaida affiliate. The U.S.-trained rebel platoon cost $500 million dollars and ultimately included fewer than 60 members. — The Daily Caller

Stock Market Turmoil: Dow Roars Back After 1,000-Point Drop at the Open

posted by askousen - Monday, August 24 2015
In an unprecedented carnival-ride swing, the stock market stormed back toward break-even on Monday after a lurching decline earlier in the day. The Dow fell almost 1,100 points in the opening seconds of trading, a drop of 6.6 percent, as fear about the Chinese economy gripped investors. The New York Stock Exchange invoked a little-known rule to prevent panic selling. — NBC News

Dollar Drops to 7-Month Low Versus Euro Amid Global Stock Plunge

posted by askousen - Monday, August 24 2015
The dollar headed for its biggest plunge in more than six years as concern the global economy is losing momentum led traders to cut bets the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates this year. The dollar dropped to a seven-month low against the euro and the yen as plunging stock and commodity prices deepened a decline in emerging-market currencies that started after China's shock devaluation of the yuan on Aug. 11. A gauge of the greenback fell by the most since March 2009 on a closing basis as traders unwound bets that the dollar would gain. — Bloomberg

New drug may protect against deadly nuclear radiation even after 24 hours of exposure

posted by askousen - Monday, August 24 2015
....A single injection of the investigative peptide drug TP508 given 24 hours after a potentially-lethal exposure to radiation significantly increased survival and delayed mortality in mice by counteracting damage to the gastrointestinal system. — Economic Times of India

South Korea to continue propaganda broadcasts unless North apologizes

posted by askousen - Monday, August 24 2015
Tensions between the two Koreas continued on Monday as South Korean President Park Geun-hye said the South would continue broadcasting propaganda across the border unless the North apologized for planting a mine that seriously injured two South Korean soldiers...North Korea denies planting the mine that exploded along the two countries' heavily-guarded border earlier this month and touched off the current crisis, leading Seoul to launch propaganda broadcasts for the first time in 11 years. On Thursday, North Korean troops shot at some of the speakers, leading to a brief artillery volley. — LA Times

Ukraine vows to increase troops to fend off rebel attacks

posted by askousen - Monday, August 24 2015
Ukraine's president vowed to increase troop numbers to fend off attacks by Russia-backed separatist rebels and warned his countrymen that there is still the threat of a "large-scale invasion," in an impassioned speech to mark Independence Day on Monday. ...In a show of force, thousands of Ukrainian servicemen marched in downtown Kiev on to mark the country's independence from the Soviet Union on Aug. 24, 1991. — Washington Post

UK says Iran sanctions could be lifted next spring

posted by askousen - Monday, August 24 2015
...Six world powers agreed in July to lift sanctions in return for Iran accepting long-term curbs on a nuclear program that the West suspected was aimed at creating a nuclear bomb. Tehran has always denied seeking nuclear arms. British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told Reuters he expected Iran and the United States could endorse the deal by October. Combined with Iran meeting its commitments in the deal, that could see the start of trade restrictions being lifted. "We could be talking as early as next spring to start to see sanctions lifting off," Hammond said in an interview, referring to the March to May period. — Reuters

Americans and Briton Receive Top French Honor for Stopping Train Gunman

posted by askousen - Monday, August 24 2015
...Shortly after the train crossed the Belgian border into France, they heard a shot, saw a gunman with an AK-47 and rushed to stop him. A French citizen who was the first to tackle Mr. Khazzani but who has declined to be identified will receive the honor at a later date, as will Mark Moogalian, 51, a passenger with dual French and American citizenship who struggled with the attacker and is recovering from a bullet wound. — NY Times

Father of French train gunman says cannot believe son is a terrorist

posted by askousen - Monday, August 24 2015
..."The only terrorism he is guilty of is terrorism for bread, he doesn't have enough money to feed himself properly," he said. French President Francois Hollande on Monday awarded France's highest honour, the Legion d'honneur, to three U.S. citizens and a Briton who helped overpower the heavily-armed man on the Amsterdam to Paris train. [Doesn't have enough money for bread, yet shows up heavily armed? What's wrong with this picture?] — Reuters

Judge Indicates She'll Let Anti-Abortion Group Release Video

posted by askousen - Friday, August 21 2015
Free speech rights should allow an anti-abortion group to release videos of discussions with a California company that provides fetal tissue for research, even if they were illegally recorded, a judge said Friday. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joanne O'Donnell issued a tentative ruling rejecting efforts by StemExpress to block the videos, though she said the company likely will prevail in its lawsuit claiming its privacy was violated by an anti-abortion activist posing as a biomedical company employee. — NY Times