This Week in the World Affairs Brief


Last week, as president Trump agreed to a temporary end to the government shutdown, he vowed to declare an emergency if Congress did not finally agree to fund his partial wall. In the current deal presented to the president, which he signed today, he is getting only a token $1.37B for some moderate sized steel barriers, but at the expense of a lot of other bad compromises hidden in the bill few have been able to read. This is a very bad deal. The legislation has heavy restrictions on any future border barrier as well as language that expands amnesty for thousands of illegals. In order to assuage unhappy conservatives, and to finally do what he promised, Trump both signed the Omnibus spending bill (which lasts until next September) and declared a limited national emergency. In his press conference today, he admitted that his use of executive power and a national emergency will be immediately challenged in the courts, and that his actions will be delay until the Supreme Court can finally decide—which may take a year. This week, I’ll analyze how Trump’s strategy will be mostly compromised by Congress and the courts, and how it is likely that Trump won’t ever get a real wall built. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

  • The Green New Deal Fiasco
  • Drumming Up Support for an Attack on Iran
  • The Case for Clinton/Russia Collusion
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