This Week in the World Affairs Brief

The Media War Against Hard Truths

The tag line “There is a War on for Your Mind” from Alex Jones InfoWars website has never been more true than now. The same attacks that multiplied this week against Alex are being used to silence a whole range of alternative news outlets working to bring out the hard truths that the mainstream media avoids. The “hard truths” I’m referring the growing evidence of a huge conspiracy of power embedded within and controlling our government, and all other nations in the West. As I pointed out in last week’s briefing, this is the key reason the Powers That Be (PTB) are engaged in a massive conspiracy to take down Alex Jones and his website. They cannot allow conspiracy evidence to be widely aired to the public. Too many good people are becoming believers. Jones is the most widely viewed champion of conspiracy theories and facts on the net, and he influences millions. This week, I’ll cover the various ways in which they are attacking conspiracy believers, even when they don’t rant like Jones. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

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