This Week in the World Affairs Brief


After weeks of lobbying her own members of Parliament to back her own negotiated version of Brexit from the European Union, Theresa May’s deal was soundly defeated—just as everyone expected. Americans should take note how the globalist conspirators won’t take no for an answer when people try and back out of global government—even if the EU is only a stepping stone to that end. The deception begins with globalists taking the lead in falsely championing the exit team, only to sabotage the process. It is irritating to watch Mrs. May pound the pulpit in Parliament demanding that everyone back her in carrying out the “wishes of the British people in leaving the European Union,” when the deal she negotiated is still a total sell-out of British sovereignty. It binds the UK in almost every way to the EU. It was truly a Brexit fraud and that’s why it went down in defeat. It is also little wonder that the EU is refusing to adjust the deal in order to gain passage. They know May gave them everything they want and they aren’t going to budge. This week, I’ll explain what the globalists will do next to destroy Brexit as it nears the March 29 deadline for a “hard Brexit” (departing without a deal). To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

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