This Week in the World Affairs Brief


Although many states have finally started to dial back the mask mandates and some of the lockdowns, I stand by my earlier predictions that we will never be free from this exaggerated Covid pandemic. The Powers That Be have developed the perfect pseudo medical fear formula for continual control: A not-very-deadly version of a commonly contagious virus that mutates rapidly so it never goes away, a manipulable PCR test that can produce scary high numbers of “cases” despite a lack of symptoms (mostly false positives), an exaggerated claim about asymptomatic spreaders, so that even healthy people can be stigmatized as a threat, and an outrageously falsified death rate labeling anyone who tests positive or is even suspected of dying from Covid as a Covid death, instead of mere co-morbidity. All of this has led to an even bigger lie about the so-called “vaccine” which is touted as “safe and effective” but which is neither. People who accept this hyped up fear allow our world to change forever. The unnecessary economic shutdowns, idiotic mask mandates and social distancing, censorship of all truth exposing these lies, social media tracking, a reliance on government stimulus payments and never-ending unemployment payments. Most of these evils, even though hatched high up within the Deep State, have been perpetrated in lock-step by state and local government officials and private corporations, effectively evading our ability to look to the “usual suspect” of tyranny—a centralized, all-controlling government. Tyranny has now been decentralized and privatized, to give the planners and perpetrators at the global conspiracy level another curtain to hide behind, and left us with less recourse to combat them and a string of puppets in front of the curtain—and the biggest puppet of all occupying the president’s seat. To receive a free one-time sample click on Request a Sample on the Left

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