This Week in the World Affairs Brief


Yesterday Iran shot down a Global Hawk surveillance drone that it said violated its 12 mile territorial limit over the Strait of Hormuz where 20% of the global supplies of oil are carried by tanker ships. The US claims it was “unprovoked attack” on an unarmed drone in international airspace. But the facts show just that—it was a provocation by the US to fly this military asset within a few miles of Iranian airspace after Iran nearly shot down a similarly sized Reaper drone last week. Iran likely can’t distinguish between the surveillance Global Hawk and the similarly sized armed Reaper drone from the ground even on radar. Both drones have big, long wings that make them a slow, easy target for Iran’s homegrown anti-missile systems. The US would have been on their guard and not risk such a big, slow target, unless they hoped that Iran would take the bait and attack. Now Deep State intelligence briefers and several neocon Republicans are trying to push Trump over the edge to authorize a military strike against Iran, and Trump went along, but canceled the strike minutes before launch. This week we’ll try to find out why. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

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