This Week in the World Affairs Brief


A new pattern of eulogy is emerging to mark the passing of “important people” —meaning certified globalist conspirators— the mainstream media embarks on a non-stop barrage of praise and adulation that highlights every positive aspect of their life and sanitizes their sordid misdeeds and betrayals of liberty. They are made out to be heroes, if not saints. It started with the death of John McCain who, although only a Senator, was feted as if he were a dead president. This week we had to suffer through yet another week of non-stop coverage and praise of George Herbert Walker Bush. Instead of George Bush, R.I.P, (for “may he Rest In Peace”, or as some say, “Really Important Person”) I’ve dubbed him R.E.P. for “Really Evil Person.” What was particularly galling about the coverage was the continual accolades about his high moral character and personal courage. This week I will document the real George H. W. Bush: an arch globalist, Deep State enforcer, liar, purveyor of false intelligence, warmonger and all around “dirty old man.” Those of you who were adults during his presidency remember him continually pushing the concept of a New World Order on American audiences—mentioned in his speeches over 100 times! To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

  • Trump’s Bad Trade Deal
  • Trump Succumbs, Once Again, to China’s Flattering Words
  • Preparedness Tip: What to Take in an Evacuation
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