This Week in the World Affairs Brief


Many parts of the United States have the appearance of getting back to normal, with few masks, more group gatherings, and people generally enjoying their typical freedoms, but it won’t last. This temporary relief from mask wearing is a planned and deceptive effort to make everyone believe that this is a reward for being “good global citizens” and following all the restrictions and guidelines. The vaccine is being given all the credit, despite all the vaccine damage happening, which is kept out of the news. Subliminally the message is clear: “this is your reward for being compliant,” but they don’t want you to get used to it. There is still plenty of restrictive measures in place including mask wearing all over the country. Every big company and store still requires their clerks still wear them. In the big picture, the power of our new medical overlords has now been reinforced and cemented in place, and they will be back to put us all into lockdown again at the least resurgence of a mutation or “third wave.” To receive a free one-time sample of the brief, click on Request a Sample, on the left.

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