This Week in the World Affairs Brief


An unexpected positive development emerged in Syria this week in spite of Trump’s mistake in giving a green light to Turkey to invade. Seeing that the US had abandoned them, the Syrian Kurds, who control the NE portion of Syria, made a deal with Assad to have the Syrian army move in (under the cover of Russian air power) to provide a counter-force and defensive shield to the Turkish invasion. The US has not yet withdrawn their presence from Deir Ezzor and Syria’s valuable oil fields. President Trump, still trying to prove he didn’t give a green light to Turkey, released a letter he sent to Erdogan after his ill-considered phone call, telling him “not to be a tough guy” or “fool” and be humane. But this only proves Trump realized his mistake, and was trying to convince Erdogan to be gentle with the Kurds. Erdogan reportedly threw the letter in the trash. Now VP Pence and Mike Pompeo have negotiated a 5-day ceasefire by giving the Turks “exactly what we wanted” Under the agreement the Kurds will have to withdraw from the 20 mile wide “safe zone” and essentially hand over to Turkey the land they wanted in Syria all along. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

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