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There’s a distinct smell of hypocrisy in the establishment’s onslaught against constitutional conservative Roy Moore, running for the vacant Senate seat in Alabama. It shows how desperate even establishment Republicans are to stop an arch-conservative from gaining a seat in the Senate. Compared to the avalanche of “me too” accusations against older mature men in entertainment, media, and politics the Washington Post muckrakers had to go back 34 years to find something in the early life of Roy Moore. While I do think many of the accusations about Moore cruising the mall for dates with older high school girls are valid (I don’t buy the attempted rape claim), these lapses in good judgment must be put in the larger perspective of his life since getting married at 33. By all accounts, Moore has been a faithful husband, a religious family man and a staunch defender of both Christian values and the Constitution. The principle of repentance appears to have played a large role in his life. Few media personalities and politicians with sordid moral track records have shown any similar signs of repentance at all. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at


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