This Week in the World Affairs Brief:


The attack on Judge Roy Moore, leading to his defeat in Alabama’s special Senate election this week, was but a stepping stone in the overall battle to dismantle and discredit the reform presidency of Donald Trump. This week the media trotted out three of Donald Trump’s sexual misconduct accusers, who had previously had ample media coverage, in order to reignite the “Trump must resign” campaign. The case of Roy Moore put all conservative politicians on notice that the establishment will spare no expense in hiring detectives and investigative journalists (of the muckraker variety) to ferret out the least indiscretion in one’s past to destroy a conservative’s chances of getting elected or reelected. In the explosion of sexual abuse exposees, the left has had to allow some of their own icons to fall (Conyers and Franken) in order to set themselves up as the paragons of moral integrity—even though the Democrats have long been the party that looked the other way at the horrendous indiscretions of the Kennedys. But in no case did they ever spend big bucks to hunt down and solicit the accusers of their own party as they did against Roy Moore. That difference shows this is a political witch hunt, not a moral crusade. Trump is next, though I don’t think it will force his resignation. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at


  • The Roy Moore Defeat
  • Supreme Court Weighs Religious Discrimination Case
  • Brexit Betrayal Continues
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