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Even though the Houthis of Yemen took credit for last Saturday’s attack on a major Saudi oil refinery, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and every major US media outlet were eager to blame Iran, with the pompous Pompeo calling it an “act of war.” But so far the evidence looks thin at best and suspiciously planted at worst. As a former military pilot, my problem with the pictures of the damage is that there is only a single hole in every one of the 14 spherical gas storage tanks in the refinery and none of them exploded. I know of no explosive munitions capable of putting a uniform sized hole, in the exact same location on each the numerous tank without exploding the contents and destroying the tanks themselves—and yet that’s what the pictures purportedly show. President Trump always seems to go along with US intelligence when it cooks up evidence like this against either Syria or Iran. He naively said, “It's 'looking like' Iran was responsible for Saudi oil attacks,” and bragged that the US was “locked and loaded.” Iran disavowed the attack, calling it “maximum lies” and said they were ready to repel any attack. Saudi Arabia compared this attack to its own 9/11, possibly setting the stage to attack Iran. Perhaps the comparison with 9/11 is not so far off. The WTC attacks were a US Deep State false flag event used to start phony wars against Middle Eastern nations.To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

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