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Facing lopsided media coverage that criticizes his every move while repeating the empty counter-attacks from Democrats at face value, President Trump took to the airwaves himself in possibly his most careful speech yet, about the dismal state of the southern border and the problems flowing into the country because there isn’t a wall. I was personally disappointed Trump didn’t use his national address to declare a national emergency over the illegal alien invasion. However, it may have been better this way, in that he first made his case to the public and let the Democrats show their utter disdain for the only thing that will actually stop illegal entry–a wall. Of course, Democrats always talk about being for “border security,” but without an effective wall, it’s just talk. Both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have flat out said “no” for any money for a wall, despite Pelosi’s insulting offer of one dollar for the wall as her version of “compromise.” Trump rightly walked out of the negotiations at that slap in the face. Now, as Trump heads to the US/Mexico border he is hinting strongly he still intends to declare a national emergency. Any talk about the Democrats giving in is sheer fantasy. This week, I’ll outline the nature of the crisis of illegal entry and the emergency powers granted by Congress to the President. Of course, emergency powers were only intended for tyrannical purposes and not to actually bypass Deep State control of the government by a president like Trump. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

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