This Week in the World Affairs Brief


President Trump this week had a testy argument with the two top congressional Democrats in front of reporters. It’s hard to imagine what Trump thought he was going to achieve by inviting the media, except to keep Pelosi and Schumer from reneging on any promises or painting the results of the meeting differently as happened last year. Last fall Trump had a cozy chat with Pelosi and Schumer where they all came out smiling after Trump agreed to fund DACA and Planned Parenthood in exchange for a paper promise from the Democrats to help fund his wall–which they promptly reneged on in December. This time, neither Nancy Pelosi nor Senator Chuck Schumer had any intention to be conciliatory to Trump’s major request to fund a border wall. Perhaps they expected another capitulation by Trump over immigration like last time. The meeting was a disaster for all, including VP Mike Pence, who sat motionless during all the disagreements, offering nothing. It instantly erupted into a public spat over immigration with both trading recriminations and accusations over who was responsible for the brief shut down of the government this time last year. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

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