This Week in the World Affairs Brief:


Donald Trump is in a full scale war with the mainstream media and the government’s own intelligence community, both of which continue to create fake news and false intelligence to confuse, co-opt and discredit the president-elect. Trump came out fighting this week in his first press conference, crushing an attempt by a CNN reporter to talk over the president-elect, and soundly thrashing both Buzzfeed and CNN for printing or giving credibility to a so-called 35 page “dossier” of fake intelligence that alleged outrageous sexual conduct of Trump, supposedly while in Moscow. His show-stopping performance eclipsed both the purpose of the press conference (to explain how Trump will avoid conflicts of interest with his international business empire) and Obama’s farewell address, which was so self-serving and self-congratulatory, it was a relief not to see or hear it repeated ad nauseam by an adoring press. Sadly, Trump finally fell victim to the fake intelligence of Russia hacking the DNC, erroneously admitting that he thinks Russia was behind the hacking. That undoubtedly induced a host of politicized intelligence official back slapping and gloating over having fooled the Western world and Trump on that one. Whether Trump really believes it or simply decided not to fight it anymore, remains in question. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at


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