This Week in the World Affairs Brief:


So far there have been no repercussions by Russia since the US shot down a Syrian fighter/bomber in Eastern Syria this week after it got too close to US-backed rebels. Despite Russia’s threat to treat all US and NATO aircraft east of the Euphrates River as “targets” the Russians have not turned on their intercept missile radar systems, indicating a “lock” on US aircraft. So far, Russia has been using its surveillance radar for tracking only. US aircraft have electronic indicators telling them a missile system has them locked on and that a missile strike is imminent. I think the US plans on keeping control of Eastern Syria and not returning sovereignty to Syria after ISIS is defeated. In order to do that, the US has to replace ISIS with US-backed rebels and keep Syria attacks at bay. Both Iran and Syria are intent, however, on regaining Syrian control over the oil fields and cities of Eastern Syria, so additional conflict is inevitable. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at


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