This Week in the World Affairs Brief


Amid ample photo opportunities of friendly handshakes and Trump’s vision of what North Korea could expect from the West by making peace on the peninsula, the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore this week looked like a great diplomatic success. A success that Trump eagerly pronounced to the world in an over hour-long impromptu news conference afterward. But upon closer analysis, it was only a success for North Korea. Its spoiled leader got the prestige of being center stage with the “leader of the Free World,” who welcomed Kim as a “person he could trust.” More importantly, the most tyrannical and ruthless regime on earth, outside of China, got a guarantee from Trump that the West would make sure this dictatorship was not undermined or threatened by the West. On the US side, the Trump team gave up every single demand for substantive disarmament as a condition of talks and settled instead for what appeared to be a firm promise to denuclearize—eventually. NK intends to hold out real denuclearization until the very end of a long, drawn out process, punctuated with demands for aid from the West as a show of good faith. At any time, NK can feign being offended and refuse to continue, as they have in all four agreements in the past. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

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