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The New Zealand mass shooting at two mosques recently has many of the telltale signs of a government black operation, with coverup and complicity by local governments and the mainstream media. But there were differences also. Unlike most mass shootings where the Deep State uses a mind-controlled or hypnotized patsy under the influence of mood altering drugs, this killer revealed himself on video to be an expert in military weapons—cold, calculating and ruthless. He returned to the scene a second time to place kill shots in most of his victims to make sure they were dead, and taking, almost 15 minutes to do it after his initial shots. Why wasn’t he worried about the police? No one who would take this much time unless he had been assured the police would be delayed in their response—and they were, even though a police station was nearby. Even after shooting people in the street outside the mosque, he casually lingered and methodically went about his business. Naturally only a single person was blamed, even though at least two other men in baseball caps were even caught on camera leaving the gated enclosure with assault rifles. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

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