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There are hundreds of Deep State connected politicians and enforcers that had a lot to fear if pedophile facilitator Jeffrey Epstein was allowed to speak openly in court about his “honey trap” blackmail and corruption operation on behalf of the Deep State. He told his lawyers he would be willing to “name names” in order to get a lighter sentence. That inclination signed his death warrant. Three weeks ago, an attempt was made on Epstein’s life by his criminal roommate at the NY Metro, Correction Center (MCC), and made to look like a suicide. It failed. Last Saturday, Epstein was finally killed in a similar manner with damage to his neck, again made to look like a suicide. The trouble is, there was nothing high enough in Epstein’s cell for a 6 foot tall male to actually hang from. At best Epstein could have only leaned forward on his knees against a paper sheet wrapped around his neck—hardly with enough force to break multiple neck bones. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

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  • Trump Permissive Toward NK Too
  • Another Google Whistleblower
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