This Week in the World Affairs Brief:


Without a proper base in the workings of free market economics, Trump’s populist intervention in the economy is looking more like Mussolini than Austrian free market economist Ludwig Von Mises. First, working through Mike Pence in Indiana, Carrier Corporation received a multi-million dollar bribe to keep part of it’s workforce in the US, rather than move everything to Mexico. Now, it is Rexnord, an industrial bearing company in Milwaukee that is being threatened for a planned move to Mexico. This is a futile battle that cannot be won properly without undoing the regulatory, tax, and medical mandates that are driving companies out of the US. High union wages are also a factor, and those contracts cannot be undone except by either declaring bankruptcy or leaving the country. Trump keeps threatening a 35% tariff on imports for any company moving to Mexico, but it’s doubtful that the Republican Congress will go along, knowing that tariffs make consumers pay, rather than the company. To receive a one time free sample, send an email to editor at


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