This Week in the World Affairs Brief:


Michael Flynn, Trump’s choice for national security advisor resigned this week in the face of leaks by government officials that Flynn really did discuss sanctions with Russia before he was formally sworn in—a technical violation of the Logan Act, restricting civilian interference in foreign policy. Although a minor infraction, Trump and VP Pence had issued overt denials of wrongdoing and Flynn had to resign for Trump and Pence to save face. If anything, Trump has learned a sad lesson—that the NSA is monitoring all domestic communications, including the Executive Branch of government. Had Trump really understood the threat of the globalist conspiracy that controls the US government, and its control over all the spy apparatus of the NSA, he would have warned everyone on his team not to say anything in emails or on the phones that they don’t want made public. Of course Trump himself has never been the paragon of caution, so it is likely that the Deep State already has a long rap sheet of embarrassing statements by Trump and other members of his cabinet waiting to be released as the entrenched opposition lays siege to the new administration. That said, they’ll only leak a tiny portion of what they have stored, lest the public fully awaken to and rebel against the Orwellian surveillance state we live in. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at


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