This Week in the World Affairs Brief


As I predicted, the US Supreme Court is refusing to hear the cases alleging illegal actions by state officials who altered election procedures without proper authority to do so. Just as before, when the Supreme Court failed to take up any of the cases before the inauguration, Trump appointees Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett voted with the left/liberal majority to reject these cases without a hearing. Not all cases have been decided yet, but the precedent to dismiss all election challenges has been set and will continue. Sadly, none of the cases dismissed so far contained quantitative data showing how much fraud occurred, allowing the majority to say that none of the irregularities documented would have changed the results of the election. That was the fault of Rudy Giuliani. But the legal issues presented were clear cut enough, showing improper use of Executive powers in Pennsylvania and other states that allowed for a massive expansion of mail-in ballots, along with other changes to make fraud more likely—like allowing absentee ballots received up to three days after Election Day to be counted. The dissent by judge Clarence Thomas was powerful and persuasive, questioning how there can ever be any public confidence in future elections if the Court does not intervene and decide these cases. To receive a one-time free copy of the brief, click on Request a Sample on the left.

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