This Week in the World Affairs Brief


It is not just Donald J. Trump that is up for reelection on November 3, but the entire ethics and justice system of Western Civilization. Everything we believe in, including the Judeo-Christian code of ethics founded in our belief in God as the ultimate arbiter of justice at the end of this earthly testing period, is at risk in this election—not because God’s ultimate justice will fail, but that the forces massed against us intend to destroy all of our tools to fight for our rights, including free access to true information, freedom to speak out against what we know to be wrong, freedom to peaceably assembly and protest emergency orders, freedom to choose to buy and sell in the increasingly monopolized marketplace, and even freedom of association, which we are losing with each new anti-discrimination law. All of these core fundamental rights and their historic legal safeguards are now being labeled as “racist” or an expression of “white dominance” and “Capitalist oppression,” because they do not yield “equality of results” which is impossible under liberty and free judgment, which sees both individual good and merit and the lack thereof. This is why the Left hates judgment, because it highlights and exposes evil, wrong thinking, and bad performance. As the numbers of corrupt and flawed individuals grows in our society through permissive parenting, permissive education philosophies, permissive government, and increasingly corrupt social media/entertainment content, the more attractive the socialist war cries of “oppression, racism and discrimination” in minds of those eager to rationalize and justify their own chronic bad behavior and resistance to conscience. Voting for Trump won’t stop this corrupt trend but it will buy us a few more years to prepare against the full avalanche of bad laws the radical Left is eager to unleash on America starting in 2021 if Biden wins. To receive a one-time free sample of this brief, email the editor at

  • The Hunter Biden Scandal
  • The Role of “Private” Censorship in Undermining Truth
  • Deep State Lackeys Pushing the Covid “Second Wave”
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