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I clearly expected to see the usual amount of anti-gun legislation surface in the wake of the Florida High School mass shooting last week, but never before have I seen such a massive wave of scripted protests by uninformed high schoolers, pushed to the forefront by a complicit media. We didn’t see anything like this even after the provocation of the Sandy Hook shooting. I’m sure the media was extremely disappointed that the Sandy Hook massacre failed to produce the intended gun ban, and have now learned to enlist the anti-gun ignorance of teenage opinions to spark more outrage. As early as the day after, the media started hunting for high schoolers with anti-gun sentiments to showcase on the evening news. The second day, an organized “lie-in” at the White House happened, and by the third day anti-gun high school teachers in most major cities were organizing their students into the mass protests that you now see every night on the news. None of this is spontaneous. Sure, High Schoolers are prone to following waves of peer pressure, but they don’t move into coordinated action like this without highly organizing anti-gun forces behind them—and fueled by front page coverage among the mainstream media.To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at


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