This Week in the World Affairs Brief


It is clear after Wednesday’s Judicial Committee hearing that the Democrats are going to proceed with formal impeachment proceedings against president Trump. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even encouraged them yesterday to bring forth articles of impeachment before Christmas. All of the 3 law professors the committee brought forth to testify displayed a rabid anti-Trump sentiment and zero understanding of a measured legal approach to impeachment based upon precedent. We witnessed a new and pernicious claim by the Democrats that the president was “soliciting foreign powers to interfere in our elections,” amounting to a “threat to national security.” Talk about hyperbole! There appears to be no limit to how the Democrats will steer all claims to a political motive. Sadly, neither the White House nor the House Republicans have put up a defense about the merits of investigating corruption of a political opponent who has admitted as much, and tying aid to its outcome. Still, conviction in the Senate is unlikely. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

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