This Week in the World Affairs Brief


The false premise of the whole Trump impeachment inquiry is easy to summarize in a paragraph. The Democratic inquisition is based entirely on hearsay evidence of a supposed quid pro quo agreement of Trump withholding military aid until Ukraine launched an investigation into the Biden’s corrupt practices in that country. Although the democrats will likely get enough testimony to move forward with formal articles of impeachment, it is ultimately a dead end. Quid pro quo for aid goes on all the time and is not illegal. Neither is it illegal to have the president’s lawyer involved. That, too, goes on all the time. What the Democrats say makes this an impeachable crime is that Trump had a political motive in withholding aid in exchange for a corruption investigation on both the Bidens and on a Crowdstrike server that was linked to the DNC. But that charge is fatally flawed since both the US and Ukraine have a legal responsibility to mutually investigate corruption according to a treaty signed in 1999. If a president is barred from investigating corruption simply because it might involve someone in the political opposition, that would create massive legal room for criminal activity. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

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