This Week in the World Affairs Brief


If you listen to the mainstream news, you are going to have a difficult time detecting the real foreign policy of the Biden administration. Whereas the media decried everything Trump did, right or wrong, now they are back to media business-as-usual, praising whatever move the Puppet-in-Chief decides to make. They will make sure most of it will appear reasonable, with talk about “defending America’s interests,” speaking up for allies and “partners” (Taiwan and Ukraine) when threatened, and “keeping the world safe from terrorism.” But you can be sure every real action (not just the cheap talk) of the current administration will be part of, or designed to conceal a much more sinister globalist agenda. You have to learn to read between the lines, and I will try to help out this week as we take a look a Biden’s reaction to world events. to receive a one-time free sample of the Brief, click on Request a Sample on the left.

  • Canada: Trojan Horse for Chinese Infiltration
  • War on Trump Capitol Protestors
  • No End in Sight for Continued Phony Covid Pandemic
  • Preparedness Tip: Storing Firearms Near Your Bed