This Week in the World Affairs Brief


Rudy Giuliani participated in a major public hearing in Pennsylvania this week focused on the massive amount of vote fraud that happened there, and the testimony by eyewitnesses and forensic experts was impressive. We need a lot more of this public “show and tell” to win the hearts and minds of the people. This week I told Alex Jones that what President Trump needs to do is set up an hour long televised presentation from the White House detailing the worst of the electoral fraud by the best experts so that the public can see the evidence firsthand. The media would have a hard time refusing to cover a major Presidential briefing. Saving everything for the courts is a big mistake, but that appears to be what Trump’s lawyers are telling him. Former Trump attorney Sidney Powell has been the most vocal and outspoken lawyer on Television talk shows about the fraud, but sadly she has never taken the time or opportunity to present the real evidence in public, until now, when she broadcast her legal briefs against Georgia and Michigan. While they are generally pretty good with lots of affidavits, they are hastily put together with spelling errors and repetitious readings that won’t help her case. Legal briefs are long and tedious and it is too easy for the courts to dismiss them without comment. Unfortunately the mainstream media is equally egregious at ignoring the blockbuster revelations that was revealed in Pennsylvania, Georgia and Michigan which I will cover below. You can get a one-time sample of the brief by emailing the editor at

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