This Week in the World Affairs Brief:


What happened in Charlottesville, Virginia this week was the confluence of many forces—federal agent provocateurs, leftist “Antifa” violence, and a minority of honest protestors. While honest citizens of America have never been offended by confederate monuments honoring Gen. Robert E. Lee (a truly great soldier, gentleman and statesman), there are a host of weak-kneed politicians in local jurisdictions that have succumbed to the demands of political correct extremism and begun the wholesale dismantlement of all vestiges of confederate civil war history. The biggest targets have been flags or state seals that displayed any portion of the stars and bars of the Confederacy and now statues of General Lee are next even though they were created and installed at great expense by voluntary contributions. Knowing that this radical political purging of history would antagonize conservatives, the dark side of government has prepared in advance to place agent provocateurs at the heads of radical white supremacy organizations who work to enlist disturbed and frustrated youth where they can be convinced to take part in protests. Meanwhile opposition leaders working on the opposite side of the spectrum plan for violent counter action, as happened in Charlottesville. But who gets the blame? Those who object to the obliteration of confederate history. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at


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