This Week in the World Affairs Brief


After months of wrangling and debating with everyone in the White House, including the President, John Bolton was summarily fired this week by president Trump. He was at odds with the president on three or four current issues which clashed with Trump’s slow morph into a peacemaker. The president wanted to invite the Taliban to Camp David for talks, which everyone in the White House, including Bolton, thought inappropriate. Trump did not want US military intervention in Venezuela which Bolton pushed for. Trump was open to reducing sanctions on Iran in order to get a meeting with President Rouhani, which sent Bolton into a tizzy. And then there was Bolton’s strong opposition to Trump’s rosy eyed view of Kim Jong-un who continues to fool Trump into believing he is sincere about denuclearization. In short, Bolton has a one-sided opinion of using American military dominance that is hostile toward any nation which has differences with the US. Sometimes Bolton was right and sometimes wrong. And Trump, being under fire constantly by the media, has a powerful desire to make peace everywhere thinking somehow the establishment will begin to praise him. But that will never happen. The problem is that neither Trump nor Bolton has a consistent set of principles or criteria in which to justify their one sided policies either for or against war, and that is why they are sometimes both right and wrong. They were bound to clash. To receive a one-time free sample copy of the brief, email us at editor at

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