This Week in the World Affairs Brief


The entire mainstream media and political establishment is in lockstep trying to make the case that the Coronavirus is resurging. It is all based on increased free testing, but the test is terribly flawed and produces lots of false positives—which is perfectly OK with authoritarian officials since it keeps the lockdown agenda alive. All over the news, talking heads are pushing the narrative that people not wearing masks is the problem. But as I will document this week, masks are nearly worthless and the experts know it, but few have the courage to speak out. As a result, more Democratic governors are mandating everyone wear masks, and some are even starting to fine people for refusing to do so. CA governor Newsom says he will arrest people at July 4th family BBQs not wearing masks and distancing, but he said nothing and did nothing during incidents of arson, looting and violence while not wearing masks. WA governor Inslee is mandating masks state wide and threaten business owners with their license if they don’t refuse service to people without masks. These petty dictators are on a rampage for power. Even contact tracing (also worthless because of the flawed tests) is getting more aggressive with some county health tyrants threatening people with subpoenas for not cooperating. There appears to be no end in sight to the phony pandemic or to this wave of local tyranny.

  • Vaccine Threat is Still Coming
  • War on Cash and on Free Elections
  • BLM Protests Continue but the Backlash is Growing
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