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Legal Challenges Building Against State Lockdown Orders

Three major court battles are challenging the unconstitutional restrictions on citizen’s fundamental rights as protected by federal and state Constitutions. Finally, despite disturbingly wide acceptance of this exaggerated pandemic by the vast majority of Americans, a few have begun to stand up and challenge the constitutionality of the claimed emergency powers of governors in court. In Utah, the mainstream Republican governor Gary Herbert illegally declared a new emergency even after the legislature refused to extend the emergency powers as required by law on August 20. Gov. Herbert is now facing a detailed lawsuit in Utah challenging this attempt to bypass the legislature by simply changing the wording of a declaration. In Ohio a case has been filed against the state of Ohio and Governor DeWine, challenging the false premises and skewed data relied upon for the prolonged emergency. And in Pennsylvania a carefully drawn up legal case is challenging the very constitutionality of emergency powers claimed by the governor, and a conservative judge has already ruled in favor, invalidating the entire state of emergency. These cases will certainly go through an appeals process, and I hope at least one or two go all the way to the Supreme Court and establish new court precedents restricting emergency powers. To receive a one-time free sample copy email the editor at

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